Delhi University Writes To PMO To Stop Construction Of A 39 Storey Tall Building In North Campus

Delhi University’s Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi will complete two years in the office in March next year but is yet to appoint a full time Pro Vice Chancellor and a Proctor.The Pro Vice Chancellor performs the functions of Vice Chancellor when he’s on leave.

According to the university rules,the term of Pro-Vice Chancellor runs parallel to that of the Vice Chancellor.The Vice Chancellor of the University is appointed for a period of five years.Currently,the University has appointed an interim Pro-Vice Chancellor and Proctor.

Rule 11 (H) (1) (2) of the Delhi University statutes states: “The pro-vice-chancellor — if the Executive Council decides that there should be one — shall be appointed by the Executive Council on the recommendation of the vice-chancellor, and on such terms as may be laid down in the Ordinances. The term of office of the pro-vice-chancellor shall ordinarily be coterminous with the office of the V-C… the pro-vice-chancellor shall continue in office until his successor is appointed.”

Statute 12 (B) states: “The proctor shall be appointed by the Executive Council on the recommendation of the vice-chancellor and shall exercise such powers and perform such duties with respect to maintaining discipline among students, as may be assigned to him by the vice-chancellor. The proctor shall hold office for a term of two years.”


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