USICT, IP University To Organise Infoxpression From 11-13 October

The “no” in technology stands for “no obstruction” and in order to achieve what you want, the only obstruction is your own “fear of failure”.  So come on, keep that aside and face the ultimate set of challenges with some of the pioneers of their respective skill set.


USICT, GGSIPU is more than happy to announce the arrival of its annual Techfest “InfoXpression” taking place on  11-13 October, 2019 at the main campus of GGSIPU. With a rich history to its name, InfoXpression is in its 16th consecutive year giving chances to thousands of students to showcase their skills.

With events spanning all genres ranging from technical to gaming and streaming, including business and management, InfoXpression has continuously proved to be one of the biggest Tech Fests of Delhi-NCR, and surely the biggest of GGSIPU, both financially and by footfall.

With more than 7000 students appearing to compete among various competitions last year, this year the expected footfall has increased upto 9000 participants to compete in 25+ events made for them.

World is not for the mediocre anymore!

The fest has a vision of giving young minds a platform to showcase their talent, compete and interact amongst those who have already been through the grind. With some of the great talents of the country at display the event promises to give you the best professional experience you have ever had.

The fest will include:-

1. Workshops on various topics like Open Source and Machine learning.

2. A treat for game lovers with events like Clash on LAN and Play Our Games.

3. If you are a robotics freak, we have events like Robo Wars and more in line for you.

4. If you have the mind of an entrepreneur, then events like Clash Of Companies are waiting for you to showcase what you have got.

And after all that the much awaited event of “InfoXpression”, one of the best hackathons of Delhi-NCR, UHack is waiting for you all. With a prize money worth 1Lakh and many more incentives, UHack is there to give you a chance to put your imagination to ground for 24 hours non-stop and produce something that nobody has ever thought of.

After all the things that matter, we have some incentives for you as well. Yes prizes worth 5k to 1 Lakh are on stake as an incentive to your zeal to perform and compete amongst the best and prove your mettle.

So get up, make your team and beat the heat to be the best. Come up with your focus and zeal to win and we will take care of the rest.

Date – 11-13 October, 2019

Venue- GGSIPU, Dwarka, Sec- 16C

For registration and further details log on to

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