Voice For Equal Women Representation Emerged In A Debate Organised By Vimarsh-Hindi Debating Society Of Sri Venkateswara College

Vimarsh,the Hindi Debating society of Sri Venkateswara College organised its Annual Conventional Debate on 6th November 2017.The event began with lighting of lamps by the Chief Guest  Pragna Parande,a noted women activist and lawyer and guest of honour Anand Dev,a famous artist sympathetic towards the issues of women.

Also,the Administrative officer Virender Kumar was present on the occasion.The motion of the debate was ‘Women are well represented  in India’.Students from prestigious colleges of Delhi-NCR took part in huge numbers and presented equally strong arguments in both favour and against the motion.

Those in favour of the motion mainly emphasised on the fact that women are now getting represented in every field of life and embarked on the names of successful women such as PV Sindhu , Geeta Phogat,Pratibha Patil whereas as those against mainly argued that if a miniscule section of women is able to get representation,it doesn’t mean that women are well represented in India.This section focused not only on taking into account rural women’s misery which are still not recognised in mainstream society , but also the problems faced by women when they start working in the corporations and public realm.A very interesting argument was that songs like ‘chikni chameli’,’gandi baat’ are demoralising the value of youth and are depicting females as a material object.

The participants fought with great energy and thrill to emerge as winners.Judges of the competition,women activist Mrs Sudha and Professor Mr Ramkishor Yadav,declared Shivani from Motilal Nehru College and Vandana from Rajdhani College as the best speaker in favour and against the motion respectively.

Participants puzzled the speakers by putting across various questions.Priyanka from Daulat Ram College was adjudged as the best interjector.Other winners include Rajini,Pakhija,Saurabh , Saumedha.The event was steered well by anchors – Ashwini Jha, Sadaan Hussain and Khusbhoo Tehlan.

The guests for the day,Pragna Parande and Anand Dev highlighted the importance of understanding the women’s issues in an all india perspective.They also emphasised on a major change in socialisation process,which is currently hindering the enhancement  of the status of women.A signature campaign in support of enhancing women’s representation was also conducted which was inaugurated by the Former Chairman of Lalit Kala Academy Anand Dev.

The curtains were finally brought down by a warm vote of thanks presented by the society’s President Atharva Chinchole.The event was organised under the guidance of Teacher-In-Charge Mr Jitendra Kalra.

”Organising these debates fill us with great energy and we just don’t limit ourselves to arguing here in debates,we try to indulge in legal and social fronts on these issues” said Aakash Pawar,a third year Political Science  student at Sri Venkateshwara College  and a member of Organising Committee .


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