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When it comes to ideating and creating new and innovative products, a critical aspect to hone and cultivate is the design of the product. Product design is critical— it’s what allows businesses to shine bright amongst a host of competition and gives them a unique edge over other brands and firms.  

Product design is a complex and intriguing realm of analysis, creativity, and innovation – it administers the design of an array of products, services, and concepts. The NPD (New Product Development) process can be explained below, to attain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of product design – 

  • New Product Strategy: Laying out the goals and motives behind ideating the product, and defining the business objectives.
  • Idea Generation: Collating a host of ideas and viewpoints – this step can be considered as the primary creative aspect of the entire design process. 
  • Screening: This step includes a test run of the product prototype, in order to test its viability and commercial feasibility.
  • Concept Testing: Evaluating the final screened ideas and testing them out in amplified detail.
  • Business Analysis: Analysing and interpreting data surrounding a host of aspects such as market competition, target audience, amongst others. This step allows businesses to eventually have an understanding of whether to be a success or not.
  • Product Development: Once the green light has been given by the authorities concerned, the product production/manufacturing can be commenced. 
  • Market Testing: Organising and executing trial runs or simulations to measure the impact of the product amongst the public.
  • Commercialisation: Streamlining the process of pushing the product into the market.A striking feature of this domain is its applicability across a plethora of industries, such as – 
    • Manufacturing: The manufacturing industry is one the most widespread across the world, this makes it evident as to why product design is absolutely essential in the manufacturing industry. Products which require mass production require a consistent and simple design to enable convenience.
    • Finance: At first glance, it may initially seem that the financial sector really does not include much product ideation and thought. However as the industry has been enhanced by the features of technology and automation, UI/UX interfaces need to be developed to ensure ease of usability and functionality of the services.
    • Technology: This industry probably requires the most innovation and creativity when it comes to product development. Technological advancements have changed the landscape of nearly all products across industries.
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    Similarly, Industrial Design can be elaborated on as the professional practice of designing products used pervasively around the world every day. Industrial designers not only focus on the appearance and design of the product but also its functionality, how it is manufactured and eventually the value and experience it presents for its users. It is safe to say that every product you have in your house and interact with is the outcome of an intricate design process.

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    In the professional sphere, industrial designers are often a member of a multidisciplinary team made up of strategists, engineers, user interface (UI) designers, user experience (UX) designers, project managers, branding experts, graphic designers, customers, and finally manufacturers, who all collaborate their work together towards a common objective. The integration of so many diverse perspectives enables the design team to identify a problem to the greatest extent, then curate a solution that skillfully addresses the identified problem.

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    After understanding the nuances and details of Industrial & Product Design, if you are eager to attain a specialised education in the same to kickstart your career, look no further than UPES. The institute offers a one-of-a-kind four-year degree, called the B.Des in Industrial & Product Design. Having attained this degree, students can expect to be employed as design consultants, retail designers, furniture designers, and electronic designers. 

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Shivam Malhotra
A social media enthusiast who is in love with this digital world! Wrote the first article for DU Express in May 2016.

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