Ways that Delhiites choose to ignore in the metro.


Picture this. You enter a metro and manage to get a seat after a long tiring day. Just a few seconds later you find a woman boards the metro and has a baby in her hand.

Now, you have two options.
1. You kindly vacate your seat.
2. You take the opportunity to show off your acting skills. That is,you act like the woman didn’t enter.

I bet only 1 out of 10 people might choose the first option. Others will choose to simply ignore because ‘ignorance is bliss.’ Isn’t it?

Let us look at how Delhiites choose to ignore at the metro.

1. Sleep.

Isn’t it funny how quickly people seated fall asleep in the metro? It’s like they close their eyes and bam! They’re asleep.

2. Plugging in ear phones.

Another technique that Delhiites use to ignore is plugging in ear phones to either listen to music or to watch a video/movie. Seems like technology is gradually taking over humanity. :/

3. Making indirect contact with the person in need of the seat.

The people who use this tool to ignore are quite clever. They act like they haven’t seen the person in need of the seat but actually look at him/her from the corner of their eyes.

4. Internet.

Everyone knows that mobile phones barely receive signal while travelling by metro. Still some people ignore by simply checking their Whatsapp or Facebook for updates as if something new would appear magically.

Now coming back to the upper example, the choice of giving the seat or ignoring the woman is completely yours. However, my advice would be learn to be a responsible human. If you can help someone in any way, do so because it will not only make that person smile, but also will make YOU happy and content.


Image source: scroll.in


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