What It Means To Be A Hero

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Heroes and villains have always been a purpose of entertainment for most of us, whether it’s through movies, cartoons or tv series. We have grown up watching numerous characters breaking bones, being kind to strangers and even just saving people. However, as we mature and find our crazy path through life, we realize that heroes are more than just a symbol of justice and integrity.

We start finding heroes in ordinary people. Our vision changes and suddenly we see our companions not just as friends but strong individuals. We start finding beauty in what makes a person. It could be our parents, our helper, our teachers or just an uncle who helped another pass the road. Changing perspectives give rise to more informed us. The dynamics of this world start making sense. A vulnerability becomes as important as strength and failure no more seem like a negative word. Each demise of our loved ones, each atrocity and hardship faced by us only teaches us to be humble. Dignity becomes significant and our tests start being more practical than theoretical.

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To top it off, adulthood kicks in, changing our perception of heroes yet again and inevitably. We might lose sight of ourselves for a while through the journey, but, one thing that remains constant through the hilly road is that we need to be our own hero. We need to set our ideals and work tirelessly to be more, to do more and to see more. Heroes ard not created by an artist but from within ourselves. They are born through hard work, persistence, patience, humbleness, and vulnerability. Faith is what differentiates a so-called villain and a hero. In the end, stay true to yourself and find you in this world before anything else.

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Anamika Ghai
I'm from Chandigarh, currently settled in Delhi, for my university. The pollution got the best of me, but I try.

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