6 Mind-Boggling Facts About Money Heist

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Money Heist or the originally called La Casa de Papel has been a blessing in disguise to most of us during this quarantine time. A crime thriller, it portrays the best of TV Series in all aspects like Cinematography, direction, acting, sound and more. Just like our group of robbers in the show, Money Heist has stolen not just our hearts but its own success too. Even though the show got off with a rocky start, everyone involved in the show is now happy to bask in the glory of its fame. Do you want to know some insights? Well, here are some facts about our favorite Spanish TV series.

1. Fail

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During the first year of La Casa De Papel’s release, the directors and cast had accepted the doom of the show. Even though Spanish viewers poured in to watch the pilot of the show, the same enthusiasm wasn’t observed later on. The faith of the show was undecided until Netflix acquired it and retitled it as Money Heist for the American audience. Despite the fact that almost no advertisement was done, Netflix’s gamble seemed to be beneficial.

2. Title

Though the name La Casa De Papel seems to be a fitting name for the storyline, the show was originally titled “Desahuciados.” It’s Spanish for hopeless, throwing light at the social rejects based characters.

3. Tokyo

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Tokyo was chosen as one of the city names when Money Heist creator, Alex Pina wore a shirt to work with the word Tokyo printed on it. Who else would be named Tokyo if not Úrsula? Jesus Colmenar, the director and producer of the show hence decided to go with the name.

4. Professor’s city name

In an interview with Rappler.com Alvaro Morte mentioned that he had thought about what his potential city name could be to keep up with the Money Heist tradition. Although unofficial, he liked the option of calling himself Vatican City (without the religious aspects attached to it). He mentioned the reason behind it lies in the fact that like the Vatican City, the Professor remains hidden yet he has a strong hold over everyone.

5. Popularity

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Money Heist is the top viewed show on Netflix in six countries namely France, Italy, Chile, Portugal, Brazil and Argentina. The show’s grasp is strong in African countries and Turkey as well. Stephen King and Neymar Jr are some of the most popular fans of the show!

6. Plot-less

Unlike the majority of storylines out there, Money Heist writers haven’t written the plot beforehand. It’s more of a gradual process, where the writers develop the story bit by bit alongside filming. This has proven to be a boon despite the intricacies involved that could be a source of disruption.

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