AISA Demands Action In Zakir Hussain College Violence Matter

DUSU Elections 2019 : Creative Campaigning at Zakir Husain Delhi College

On the last day of campaigning for the Delhi University Student Union (DUSU) polls,Zakir Hussain Evening College faced a lot of trouble and violence on campus.When the supporters of a candidate allegedly tried to enter the college premises even after being denied permission to do so.AISA has now filed a complaint against him demanding an action.

The incident took place on Monday when Shakti Singh along with his group of supporters went to Zakir Hussain College (Evening) for campaigning but were denied entry inside the college.

College principal Masroor Ahmad Baig was quoted as saying¬†”I don‚Äôt know how it started, but I was shocked to hear the commotion. They vandalised college property, broke chairs and threw flower pots. It was ABVP activists who beat up students; they even hit girls and staff.‚Äù

The Principal also added that he has already filled a complaint against Shakti Singh,the newly elected Vice President DUSU and demands a strict action against him,since he isn’t a student of Zakir Hussain College,the Principal himself cannot take direct action,thus police has been involved.

AISA’s Delhi University President Kawalpreet Kaur,also organised a Signature Campaign against Shakti Singh and his supporters and over 300 students have already signed it claiming that the incident was led by Shakti Singh.They have also demanded an investigation into the incident and has asked for a ban on their entry.


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