Beating All Odds,Kashmiri Student Aeshal Won Presidential Post In CVS

Beating All Odds,Kashmiri Student Aeshal Won Presidential Post In CVS

The college elections that were held on 12th September saw something unusual in the history of College of Vocational Studies.Aeshal Nisar Dalal a student of CVS studying in 3rd year, History Honours; a Kashmiri Student won the Presidential post with a lead of 200 votes against Aman Bidhuri.

Aeshal has been an active member of a lot of societies in college and also believes in Women Development,thus was the President of the Women Development Cell Aaghaaz,he had also represented his college on 4 national news channel in the past years.He has been working for his college development and betterment since the past two years.

A lot of allegations had been put up against him,he even said that being a Kashmiri Student contesting for elections was tough since the opposition used a lot of bad politics to defame him publicly,like being called Anti-National and not a true Indian at heart but his win clearly proved that the CVS family does not feel the same way.Aaeshal not only won the hearts of students studying in CVS but also gave a lot of boost to all the Kashmiri students studying in Delhi University.He even proved that being a Kashmiri does not limit your options but rather challenges you to prove people wrong and rise above all the negativity.

We Congratulate him on his historic win and hope he does good work for the students of his college.


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