CBSE All Set To Prevent Paper Leaks From Happening This Year

CBSE All Set To Prevent Paper Leaks From Happening This Year
Image Source-Indian Express

In light of the happenings that took place last year leading to the leak of the class 10th and Class 12th board papers, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made sure to come out with strict disciplinary actions to prevent the same from happening this year.

Out of the 31 lakh students sitting for the examinations, 12.5 lakh candidates will be appearing for the Class 12th examinations and 18.5 candidates will be appearing for the Class 10th examinations respectively.

Strict measures have been taken this year to prevent any untowardly incident from taking place, ranging from sanitising the school to make sure that no unauthorised personnel, including the parents, teachers and other officials are allowed on the day of the examination, to making various sets so that new question papers could reach the centres in case any paper leaks are reported.

“The students are further on, barred from entering the examination halls with any electronic gadgets on them and there will be a long bell for the last entry in the examination hall, both at the time of commencement and when it concludes. The intervals will be notified with a single bell,” a board official mentioned.

The board is further on taking three levels of precautions in distributing question papers. “The question papers and other exam related materials will be sent in a box, parcel and packet. The Centre Superintendent will collect the material on the basis of the date sheet,” said CBSE Chairman Anita Karwal.

Further on, “The schools have been mentioned not to entertain more than 24 students in a classroom. The guidelines regarding this have been sent to every school,” Karwal said.

Last Year, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) faced criticism due to the incidents of paper leak that were reported in class 12 Economics paper and the class 10 Mathematics paper and consequently, the board had to re-conduct the class 12 Economics paper on April 25,2018. Several arrests were made as well.

From the live webcast on Monday consulting about the preparedness before the examinations, CBSE has instructed every school to ask district officials to impose section 144 during the duration of the examination.

(Section 144 of the CrPC of 1973, empowers a magistrate to prohibit an assembly of more than four people in an area)


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