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Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Recipe

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-Bonjour Foodies! We are back again with a scrumptious savory. Tell me who doesn’t love Chocolate and I will judge that person. I know we are all fond of eating chocolates- dark, milk, homemade, branded- any type and we are eating it. Chocolate equals happiness and I know ya’ all will agree to this. You add chocolate to something and it tastes heavenly- that is the power, my friend, of chocolate.

And what happens when it’s a combination of two sumptuous foods – chocolate and ice-cream. Tell me you didn’t dream it right now. And here I am to fulfill the craving that, I bet, each one of you has had during this period when you are inside your homes. Let us know what we can actually do to make this ice-cream dream possible without stepping out of the “lakshman rekha” of our house.

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Chocolate Banana Ice-cream:

Servings – 14 scoops approx.

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List of Ingredients:

For Ice- cream:

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Ripe Bananas  – 4 nos. 

Cocoa Powder – 2 tbsp

( Drinking Chocolate Powder/ Bournvita) 

Coffee – ½ tsp

Sugar – to taste 

Fresh Cream or Malai – 1 tbsp

Garnishing the ice-cream: 

Chocolate shavings – a handful for garnishing

Chopped Almonds – For Garnishing

Procedure :

  1. Peel and cut all the bananas into big pieces. Freeze them for almost 2 hours or until they are almost as hard as ice.
  2. Take the bananas out and slide them into a mixer jar.
  3. Now add your cocoa powder (or Drinking Chocolate Powder/ Bournvita), Coffee, and fresh cream or Malai.
  4. Give it a nice blend. Do not blend too much.
  5. Add granulated or powdered sugar if necessary.
  6. Now blend it into a thick consistency paste. 
  7. Transfer your thick batter like ice-cream into an airtight container and freeze it for 6-7 hours.
  8. Garnish with chocolate shavings and almonds and serve it chilled in your favorite ice-cream bowl. 

 Additional Steps for a creamier texture: (Optional)

  1. After your ice-cream is frozen, take it out and put it in a mixer jar again.
  2. Give it a nice blend until it turns smooth.
  3. Now, again transfer it to the same container and freeze it properly for 4-5 hours.
  4. Now Garnish and serve it chilled.

These steps are completely optional and the ice-cream tastes equally heavenly if you do not follow these. I have tried both the versions and both taste luscious. 

For a perfect ice-cream :

  • Bananas should be properly ripe.
  • If you wish to suppress the flavor of bananas in your dessert, you can add additional chocolate and additional malai.
  • For a perfectly creamy ice-cream, you can follow the additional steps if you are patient enough to wait. 
  • Add sugar only if necessary.

I can very precisely imagine what you all are feeling when reading this. As delicious as it sounds, it is equally delicious in taste plus a healthier version of a normal ice-cream. Go, run to your kitchens, ask your moms for all the stuff, and prepare this. I can feel the taste in my mouth while writing the recipe. Why wait when you can make your own ice-cream and enjoy them?

Try this and stay tuned for more such savories on ‘The Taste Palate’.

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