College Diaries: Motilal Nehru College Evening


Yes, it’s a different college altogether! People who do not know much about Delhi University can often get the concept of an evening college wrong. Located in South Campus, Motilal Nehru College Evening is everything that you have heard about a DU college and much more. Established in July, 1965, the college proudly celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2015. Today, the college boasts of around 2,500 students getting education in various courses.

Courses Offered

The college offers various courses with regard to the University of Delhi regulations. The list of the courses is:

  • B.A. (Hons.) English
  • B.A. (Hons.) History
  • B.A. (Hons.) Political Science
  • B.A. (Hons.) Hindi
  • B.A. Program
  • B.Com. (Hons.)
  • B.Com. Program


MLNCE is located on Benito Huarez Marg along with other university colleges like Venky, ARSD, Aryabhatta and Ram Lal Anand College. It is just five minutes away from the famous hangout spot Satya Niketan. Race Course and AIIMS are the closest metro stations. Also, there is a metro station being built by the name ‘South Campus’, which will make the college even more accessible.

Life on Campus

Along with the spacious campus, the college boasts some very beautiful parks. These parks come along handy as it is an evening college. There were two new buildings built in the campus in 2015. One is known as the PG block, indicating the location near the Play Ground, and the other is called  “Jubilee Block” as it was built in the Golden Jubilee year. Some other highlights of the campus are:

Sundari Chowk

“Kaha Hai? Sundari Chowk pe mil?” This is what all the students in the college tell each other every time they want to meet. It is basically the center of the college. From photo booths to registration desks, from shouting slogans to putting up posters, this is the place people start from.

Rock Land

As weird as it may sound, but there is a small rocky hill naturally existing in the college campus. It is very fondly called “Rock Land” by all the students and is a very popular spot among the students to chill with their friends. If you want to have some great evening conversations over Chai, you sit on one of the many big rocks on this hill. If you want to have some great pics clicked, you go to this place. Also, since this place is adjacent to the canteen, students often sit there and enjoy their meal. This place simply adds to the beauty of the college and amazes all the students from other colleges who visit the campus for activities.


The canteen of the college offers some really tasty and affordable food.  The seating arrangement has been made both under the sun and under a roof, thus making it one of the biggest canteens and a good chilling place for the students.

What makes MLNCE a special college?

I could say that MlNCE is one of the best colleges in Delhi University… but it’s not. Then the question is, why would you want to study here? There are many better colleges in the university, or I should say that they are ranked better. But what’s special about this college is its growth. The rate at which this college is growing is commendable. The best part about studying at this college is that you get to be a part of the constructive process. Obviously it is great to study at a renowned and better ranked college, but the students here are being a part of the evolving process and more importantly, they are making the evolution and the development possible. As a student here, every opportunity comes your way and you have a huge chance of grabbing each one of them. Even if you are an average student, you will not be a part of the crowd here. All you need to do is put in a bit of effort and you will be noticed. The faculty here is as thrilled as the students and is dedicated to help the students succeed.


The society culture of the college is highly vibrant. Every society of the college works actively and participates in various competitions. These societies have been bringing laurels to the college ever since their formation. The societies present at MLNCE are:

  • Alfaaz: the bilingual debating society
  • The Aesthetes: English Literary society
  • Gravity: Western Dance Society
  • Citraghini: The Photography Society
  • Fussion: Music Society
  • Astitva: Drama Society
  • Arthashastra: Economics Society
  • Excellencia: Commerce Society
  • Gender Champion


Sports is a department that has always been the highlight of Motilal Nehru college Evening. If you are a footballer, you would want to be here, as the college has been almost undisputed in the sport for years. In sports like Kabaddi and Hockey, the college has been in the top three in the recent past. Every year, the annual report is pretty long because of the number of achievements in various sports and also boasts of many students participating at national and international level. Overall, with two volleyball courts, a basketball court and a football field, the college has an amazing environment for sports.


The college has a Placement Cell that is fully dedicated to bringing more and more opportunities to the students of the college. Every year, many students benefit from the on campus recruitment and get a job in their hand even before they graduate. The point to be noted here is that the placement cell is only 2-3 years. But still, a huge number of companies have started coming to the college to recruit.

Hangout Spots

“Satya Niketan kaha hai?” is the first thing any friend of yours is gonna ask you if he is coming to your college for the first time. “Satya”, as the students fondly call it is a highlight of the entire South Campus and is only 5 minutes from away from MLNCE. You will often find students walking their way down to the place on most of the evenings with their friends. So, whenever students find the classes boring, Satya comes to their rescue with its countless cafes. Also, places like Hauz Khas, Sarojini Nagar, Khan Market and South Ex are just a 20 minute ride from the campus. These hangout points are the go-to places for students.


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