Dear People : A Letter From a Fan of June,Hoping For A Better Tomorrow

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Dear people,

It’s a cruel world we live in. More often than not we all get judged harshly by society. Harshly and quickly.

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We are not living in a safe world and absolute acceptance is still a theoretically ideal concept. Cyberbullies, homophobic, transphobic, naive, and ignorant people surround us, almost engulfing us all to an extent that’s sure to leave anyone breathless.

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What pains me most is that for people who belong to the lgtbq+ community, these devastating notions are a part and parcel of being true to yourself. Facing adversities caused because of family, friends, and society at large is the price they pay for being themselves.

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Privilege yet again plays a problematic role. Pride and prejudice stuffed in people’s heads and hearts stop them from looking at these members as humans. Society often neglects the fact that someone’s sexual orientation is not the deciding factor for anyone’s entire existence. These are people with the same dreams, aspirations, goals, and a primary need for love as all other heterosexual beings. We are all lost stars born from the same cosmos.

So, I apologize on the behalf of every person who has made you feel unloved or unwanted just because of the person you are or the people you wish to be involved with. I apologize for all those who’ve let ignorant hate adorned with discriminatory thoughts fill their orthodox mindsets.

The internal conflict that has set its roots deep into the hearts of many is a response to lifetimes long set of norms, hatred, traditionality, and mind-induced alienation.

It won’t go away in a month, but I’m glad that it’s a start.

Hope June served you well and brought in waves of liberation, love, and acceptance. I promise to keep learning what you want.

Your’s sincerely,
A person filled with love to offer.

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Anamika Ghai
I'm from Chandigarh, currently settled in Delhi, for my university. The pollution got the best of me, but I try.

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