Decision On Ankiv Baisoya Likely To Take More Time

DU Files Police Complaint In Ankit Baisoya Fake Degree Case

The Investigation that has been going on since a few weeks against the newly elected DUSU President Ankiv Baisoya might take some more time to get over.There have been allegations put against Ankiv Baisoya for submitting fake mark-sheet in order to get admission in Delhi University.The allegations were put by NSUI after Ankiv won the DUSU elections on 12th September.

The Buddhist Department,where he is currently enrolled for said that they have sent a copy of his mark-sheets to the Thiruvallur University for verification but they haven’t got any response yet.

The Head of Department told Times of India that even if the response says that Ankiv’s documents are fake,further investigation will be done which is going to be time consuming.Since,decisions like these require a rigid investigation,he also stated the example of Akshay Kumar whose case came into light 8 months back but is still not resolved.


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