Decoding the Cuss Words

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Cuss words have become a part of our language, sadly. With progressive times, our language has become rather regressive. It is common to hear a score of cuss and abusive words while walking down a road. For some, it is just a way of having a conversation. For others, it adds more closure to the talk. This is the way people happen to converse in the present times.

Such words might vary a tad bit from each other as we cross geographical boundaries of regions. But, the inherent problem is the same. Cuss words, in most cases, comment about a woman’s genitalia. It is not only derogatory but shameful to disregard a fellow human like this. Here are a few of the many problems with cuss words.

Firstly, using cuss words boosts the notion of deep-rooted patriarchy. Males are often seen to take pride in using inappropriate language. It is mostly because it gives them a sense of superiority over women. It clearly aims to convey their supposed sexual supremacy over the female counterpart.

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Next, it aims to reduce women to mere sexual objects. Eroding their identity as a normal human being, it rather establishes them as sexual objects in society. Sex is one of the many needs of an individual and so is the case with women. Subjecting them to sexual objectification rather boosts the stereotypes against them.

Humans have sex drives and it a completely normal phenomenon. (Please remember that women are also humans.) Women have sex drives; they want to enjoy it as much as any other being. They want to indulge in any sexual activity as per their willingness and seek to derive pleasure out of it. However, cuss words rather portray sex as an activity women are obliged to agree to. It eventually gives rise to sexual harassment and abuse of women in multiple ways.

In addition, cuss words amplify the taboos related to sex. Specifically, in our society, sex is seen to be immoral and devious. Cuss words put across the idea of sex being a shame to women; while at the same time, it being something men are proud of. It metes out verbal harassment to women and is deeply disparaging in nature.

However, the gravity of the problem extends beyond cuss words. While slangs have become so common in chatting language today, they contribute to the existing stereotypes.  A weak or timid person is often called as ‘pussy’. Someone who did something strong or courageous is said to ‘have balls‘. This simply magnifies the stereotype of men being physically stronger than women. A similar problem lies while using words like cunt, slut, etc.

It is not only disrespectful but also inhuman to subject a gender to public shame. With changing times, feminist movements are gaining all the more momentum. Thus, it becomes important to address these ground-level issues alongside. First, we should personally stop engaging in such behavior. Second, we should call out such actions whenever possible. Third, we need to talk about the problem. Instead of shying away, we need to spread awareness and let people know the impacts such actions have.

Gender-equality is a long battle. It has various aspects and sub-aspects. While looking at the larger aim, it becomes important to call out and resolve every dimension of the problem. It would enable us to achieve the long-fought equality in its true sense.

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