Feminism : A Misinterpreted Ideology

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One of the most ambiguous subjects of this era has been none other than ‘feminism’. It is not unusual to see that everyone in the contemporary world is trying to rationalize their views about it very rigorously.

It is indeed a very good thing to have individual perspective about different issues. However, when it comes to a topic like feminism, people are certainly divided over it, which has been a source of conflict for many years between the so called ‘feminists’ and ‘non-feminists’.

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The official definition of feminism, according to Google, is – ‘The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes’.

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However, on the one hand, we often see that many people, particularly men, state that all feminists are ‘men haters who try to impose the notion that women are superior than men themselves’, while on the other hand, we see women justifying feminism as ‘a challenge to patriarchal norms and a movement which tries to establish not only females, but all the genders at par with men’.

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There are some who also claim that women frequently use the concept of feminism to their own advantage by filing ‘fake’ molestation cases against innocent men, as projected in the film ‘Section 375’, which forces us to contemplate whether or not the law is really above justice in today’s day and age. The most recent controversial examples are the #MeToo Movement and Amity University Noida’s parking brawl case.

As a neutral author, the only message I want to convey very explicitly to my readers is that we should not judge people abruptly by the terms and adjectives they use to describe themselves as these mere words cannot depict their actual perspective.

There are certain people who prefer to call themselves ‘feminists’ while others claim themselves to be ‘anti-feminists’. It does not necessary mean that all the feminists are trying to take advantage of the very law that is made to protect them or that all the non-feminists are supporters of patriarchy and view women as their subordinates.

Every person is not the same. Thus, instead of judging people solely on the basis of the biased notions which already exist in our minds and are formed by the society in general, we should try to get to know them and their ideologies ourselves and then only form an opinion about them. Achieving gender equality always should be our main concern.

Not every feminist is a ‘men hater’ and not every non-feminist is a ‘women hater’.

I hope my article helped you to think and reflect.

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Himanshi Munjal
Himanshi Munjal is currently pursuing B.A. (Hons.) English from Shaheed Bhagat Singh (M.) College, DU. Content writing and editing has always been her hobby and she is trying to further hone her skills through DUE. She also loves doing photography, watching wrestling, and playing musical instruments.

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