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Five Things You Can’t Do In India Because ‘Log Kya Kahenge’

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As we all know,Log Kya Kahenge has killed more dreams than anything else in this world or at least in our country.

Before doing anything,our inner voice screams at least once – rukjaaaa,log kya kahenge ?!

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In a country like India what others (the so called society) think is considered to be more important than what we think.There are a plenty of things which we cannot do despite of the fact that we desperately wish to do because again LOG KYA KAHENGE.

1. SEX

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Shhhhhh ! Dont talk about sex,KOI SUN LEGA. In India,you cant even talk about sex.We are all born out of sex but still it is one the most controversial and least talked about topic.Its high time we get okay with the word SEXXXXX.

2. Pursuing a career other than Doctor/Engineer

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Aunty : beta kya karte ho ?

Me: aunty photographer hu !

Aunty : wo to theek hai,par karte kya ho ?

Aah! With such aunties in our society,it is impossible to pursue a career of our own choice. Idk why Indians are obsessed with doctors and engineers.We need to understand that it is okay to be a Painter,Photographer or anything else you wish to be.Our work, our profession should make us happy and yes ONLY US.Period.

3. Choosing our own friends

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Yes,despite of the fact that India is modernizing and everything, there is always an influence of our parents on our choice of friends.I know some girls who are not allowed to be even friends with the opposite gender.I agree our parents know much more than we do but its time that our parents understand that we are mature enough to take our own decisions or choose our friends on our own at least.

4. Night outs/Night stays/Night shifts

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I just don’t get it why nights are so hyped.Nights outs are as okay as roaming in daylight.Days can be as unsafe as nights and nights can be as safe as days.In 21st century,where girls are reaching moon here in India they are not even allowed to out at night kyuki ‘log kya kahenge’.

5. Love Marriages

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Okay our country is getting used to love marriages now but there is still a long way to go.Love marriages still get a a reaction like Haww from our society.We need to understand that it is okay to choose our own life partner. However,love marriages still remain a taboo in India.

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