Friends Facts for Superfans

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The 1994 famous show Friends continues to be the public’s favorite. It has caused major fashion trends, been a life-changing show for the six main leads involved, and is still the sitcom anyone can watch anytime. Comedy Central still airs it and it remains one of the most-watched series in the Netflix library. So, you might know some of these Friends’ facts, but I’m sure you’ll learn something new from this article.

1. Wholesome Facts: These facts will make you love the actors even more!

-Every week before shooting commenced, the cast would huddle together and prepare for the show.

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-Matt LeBlanc loved the foosball table and the Magna Doodle so much that he actually took it home. (Matt is really a real-life Joey)

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-The cast negotiated with the producers as a group to earn higher and equal salaries, and, their genius idea worked!

2. Fun facts: You might smile a little and then stop

-Lisa, much like Chandler’s many crushes was mistaken that Perry’s character was gay.

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-Bruce Willis lost a bet to his friend Matthew Perry and had to donate his earnings after playing the role of Elizabeth’s dad.

-Gunther’s famously annoying bleached hair was actually an accident. Tyler offered his hair for a hair experiment to his hairdresser friend.

-Jennifer Aniston is 90% as big a fan of Friends like you and I. She “just can’t help it” and watches the show many times!

3. WTF Facts: Surprise, surprise, surprise!

-The identity of the Ugly naked guy was not revealed until 2016. His name is Jon Haugen, by the way.

-Paul Rudd played Mike on the basis of a casting director writing dreamy in her notes. Well, he really is dreamy, so I ain’t complaining.

-Lisa wasn’t sure if she could swear and that is why Phoebe was in reality, not swearing while playing Ms. Pac-Man.

-Matt LeVlanc’s offscreen shoulder injury was written into the episode.

-The cast couldn’t digest Rachel’s and Joey’s relationship just like us. Thank god, it ended.

There are a lot of facts associated with Friends that make it what it is – one of the best sitcoms of all time. Ten years of friendship, laughter, love, and more can’t be summarized into a single post. But, hey hope this helps you win those Friends’ quizzes!

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