Global Gully – The Theme of Shiv Nadar University’s Annual Fest Breeze’20

Global Gully - The Theme of Shiv Nadar University's Annual Fest Breeze'20

The Gully has taken over. Like a storm, a wildfire, it has captured the imagination of millions of bored, unheard youngsters across India, and millions more across the globe. Every day, thousands and thousands of young men and women take up dance, music and art, adopting the Gully as the gully adopted them, and find new, bold ways to express themselves. Their angst, their sorrow, the apathy and the poverty, are all brought out to the public eye, and all it takes is one video, one picture, one line or one rap-battle. The storm that is the Gully has taken over; from Emiway Bantai to Divine, Dharavi to Madurai, the way the Gully has penetrated our hearts, souls and mind, how it has affected the public consciousness is something the world has never seen before.

Breeze 2020 presents its theme Global Gully with the idea of harnessing the spirit of this powerful movement to give India’s finest campus fest its most unique flavour yet. The best of India’s musicians, rappers, artists, food-connoisseurs and the most inspiring of our Gully symbols will be seen at Breeze, embodying everything that Breeze and the Gully represent, in essence, together and apart. Breeze’20 is without doubt going to be the most fantastic spectacle of 2020, and promises to be much more than that, maybe a token to remember this decade by, and what better way to do that than to give the 21st century’s most symbolic movement India’s largest platform. Breeze’20.


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