Hindu College girl’s hostel not to open this year?

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Shivam Malhotra
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The girl’s hostel at Delhi University‚Äôs Hindu College which was supposed to be functional from the upcoming academic session (2016-17) will not make any enrollments this year, following a row over the rules and fee decided for the residential complex.

‚ÄúIt has been decided that there will be no admissions to the girl’s hostel. Students who have taken the prospectus may return the same and get their fee refunded,‚Äù college principal Anju Srivastava has said in an official circular.

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Hindu College has been providing on-campus hostel facilities to male students for decades. However, the girl’s hostel which has been constructed, was supposed to be functional from the upcoming academic session (2016-17).

The prospectus for admissions to the hostel triggered an outrage among the girl students who alleged that the rules laid down were “discriminatory” and amounted to “moral policing”.

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The prescribed fee also irked the girl students as the male students of Hindu College pay Rs 47,000 as hostel charges while the girls were asked to pay more than Rs 82,000.

While the principal had earlier maintained that the new rules have been framed to ensure the safety of the residents and maintain decorum, she had justified the fee hike, saying it is a self-financed hostel and the amount is appropriate for maintenance of infrastructure and facilities provided to the residents.

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