Hottest Internship Of 2018 : Wooplr Presents CEO Challenge,Prizes Worth 10 Lakhs & Stipend Worth 1 Lakh On Offer

Company Name : Wooplr

Company Description : A free & easy way to start an online store, Wooplr today empowers 80,000+ store owners to earn on average Rs.30,000 a month. In just a minute, be ready to go live with 50,000+ products that can be added to store and sold to friends, family or followers. Wooplr takes care of all the hard work Рfinding products and brands, technology, payments and refunds, delivery and returns, and a world class customer care team. Imagine having your own ready-made store with nothing to worry about at all.

About CEO Challenge : There will be 3 levels of exciting tasks. Unlock each of these levels successfully
and you’ll finally arrive at the golden #CEOForAMonth ticket.
Once there, lead us as CEO for an entire month and enjoy the perks of being the boss.Other exciting prizes are also waiting for you further in the challenge.

Whats on Offer : One lucky winner gets to be the CEO for a month & win a stipend of INR 1 Lakh.Twenty students will intern as Campus Leaders for 3 months & a stipend of INR 30 Thousand.Other prizes include Iphone X,XBox,GoPro Camera,Trip to Amsterdam,etc.

To apply click, here


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