Indian Matchmaking – A Joke Made In Mumbai

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If you’re someone who’s been keeping up with trends, I’m pretty sure you’ve already made the dark decision to watch Indian Matchmaking, regretted spending so much time on it when you could have just rewatched old shows and realised that Indian Aunties like Sima need a new hobby.

So here are some fun facts about the show which will help you to cringe even more than you already did. Who doesn’t like the pain, right?

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1) Who really is Sima Maami?

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That lady we saw on the screen as the host loves to introduce herself as Sima Taparia from Mumbai. But in reality, who is she?

Is she a God? Because she’s present everywhere a good adjustable unmarried woman is, whether it’s Thailand, Singapore or India. This woman has knowledge about the perfect behaviour that will help people to find their dream partners. Got a good momma’s boy looking for same caste marriage? Contact Sima.

Want someone “flexible”? Contact Sima. Want to marry someone like your mother? Contact Sima. Based on all this, I’m not sure whether she’s a human. What if she’s a genie fulfilling wishes?

Think about this at night when you can’t sleep because you decided to torture yourself and watch this peak comedy of a show.

2) Brown Society and mothers

Now we all know that our brown society is obsessed with skin color. When mothers search for their future daughter-in-law, their preference list looks something like this
• 2 cups of Looks
• 1 ½ cups of Caste
• 1 cup of Richness
• 100 Kg of Compromising nature
• Flexible nature (according to taste)
• A pinch of personality

Oh and Akshay doesn’t want much, just someone like his mother!

3) Dating Advice

Did you know that the show gives you a dating guide that will land you the perfect partner? All you’ve to do is look for the hidden messages:

• If you’re not from an upper-caste rich background, it’s going to be hard for Sima Aunty to find you someone for your “loneliness”
• Make sure that you’re adjusting.
• Dating apps are a scam, Sima auntie isn’t.
• Sima aunty succeeds only if the stars help her.
• Some of us may have to change our talking styles to seem more appealing.
• Ask someone if they like mammals. Great icebreaker question.

In all seriousness, Indian Matchmaking depicts the deep-rooted problems of casteism, brahminical patriarchy, misogyny and many other identity issues we as an Indian society have normalized in the name of marriage. In a way, the show stands as a mirror to the Indian society and in a subtle ironic way explains to its viewers how not to be.

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Anamika Ghai
I'm from Chandigarh, currently settled in Delhi, for my university. The pollution got the best of me, but I try.

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