Issue Of Pension For Retired DU Teachers Raised In Rajya Sabha

UGC stopped giving pensions to some retired DU employees after 2014. What is the current situation? Read the related story below:

Issue Of Pension For Retired DU Teachers Raised In Rajya Sabha
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Rajya Sabha on Tuesday brought the government’s concern to the subject of pensions for retired Delhi University teachers. The issue was raised by Rakesh Sinha, BJP’s MP who is also an associate professor at DU.


The teaching and non-teaching staff of the university were given the option of receiving a pension in 1987, under the 4th Pay Commission. Certain teachers opted for pension, however, a large number of teachers applied to shift from lump-sum retirement scheme to the pension scheme after 1987.

It has been almost 5 years since UGC stopped giving pension to those Delhi University teachers who applied for pension scheme after 1987. UGC justified its decision by stating that DU did not seek permission to allow its employees to shift to the pension scheme post-1987.

The most affected 

Non-teaching staff who comprise 30% of the retired employees are the worst sufferers. Low wages lead to their overall poor financial condition. Those employees who were single-earners in their families are finding it difficult to make their ends meet.

Moreover, some families are facing atrocities due to denial of pension. “Dewan Singh was a friend and a colleague who died after his retirement. His wife is suffering from cancer. Their only son is breaking his back to get his mother treated,” Ashok Sharma, a retired admin officer said.

“Some of them have died waiting for their pension which is very painful”, Rakesh Sinha said.

DUTA’s stand¬†

Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) filed a petition in the Delhi High Court but they are not satisfied by the judgment. Around 600 teachers who spent their lives serving the university are living under extremely difficult conditions. Furthermore, DUTA’s letters to the university Vice-Chancellor have been unanswered.

This issue is deeply saddening. Teachers spend decades in a college and they should definitely get the government’s support in times of crisis. Comment your thoughts below!


  1. Reportedly, UGC had set up a deadline for the staff to make their decision. However, DU allowed them to make the switch even after the deadline. UGC’s sudden negation is perplexing. DUTA is currently protesting and we sincerely hope justice is done to all the affected employees.

  2. Delhi University is doing injustice to its employees. After 1987 to January 1999, Delhi University opened many options asking its employees to switch over to pension if they wanted. More than 3000 employees of Delhi University and its affiliated colleges applied for switch over to Pension Scheme. The scheme was being implemented very smoothly up to 2010. All of a sudden the sanction of pension was stopped in 2011. Nobody knows why and the university officials say the UGC did not approve. However, it is correct that UGC did not approve any extension to switch to pension. It was a decision of the University to allow these employees to switch to pension. Under this scheme more than 1300 are already getting pension How can the University do injustice to those who retired after 2011. Adding salt to injury the University has filed an SLP against its own decision in the Supreme Court. I hope the SUpreme Court will come heavily on them and may take stern action against the officials for filing a case against their own decision approved by the executive council of Delhi University. Some body has to advice the University properly.


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