Law Faculty Student Cheated 4000 Applicants Of 20 Lakh Rupees In Just 2 Days After Making A Fake Govt Website

Law Faculty Student Cheated 4000 Applicants Of 20 Lakh Rupees In Just 2 Days After Making A Fake Govt Website
Image Source: Hindustan Times

It is disheartening to find the educated youth of our country using their knowledge and skills for the spurious activities and every other day someone is caught for it.

Recently, the Delhi Police arrested a DU student pursuing law who made a fake website under the name of a ministry and managed to cheat more than 4000 applicants with 20 lakh rupees in just two days, as reported by the Hindustan Times.
The accused is a 27-year-old LLM student, Sumit Kumar, who failed to clear the judicial services exam himself and created this website advertising 6,715 vacancies in the government and the teaching sector.

The incident came to light when the Delhi police received a complaint from an undersecretary of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, the same ministry the website of which Kumar was faking.

Image Source: Hindustan Times

The domain name of Kumar’s website, “”, appeared similar to WMCD’s original site, “”. It even carried the ministry’s logo without permission, said the DCP, B.K Singh (New Delhi). “The website carried the government’s helpline numbers for women and children,” the officer said.

Kumar had set up an NGO in March getting it registered with the sub-registrar in Central Delhi. He then took help of a web designer to create a website for it. The police are also looking for the other two people who helped him set up the organization and the one who created the website. To make the website look legitimate, he even halved the fees for the SC/ST category applicants.

Being unemployed himself, Kumar tried to trick people into applying for the jobs. The desire to get a good salaried secure government job easily lures people into such traps. The accused very smartly used the website of a government ministry to make good money for him as people usually believe government sites to be authentic. He hoped to earn crores of rupees within a month through it.

The youth of the country majorly the educated ones are indulging in such fraudulent activities. They look at it as an easy way to earn money. Failure in life at times makes them take the wrong path which ends them up behind the bars. Our country’s future is at stake if the youth continues to use such wrong shortcuts to be successful and gain monetary benefits instead of hard work and patience.


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