The Less Preferred But A Saviour : BA Programme At Delhi University

The Less Preferred But A Saviour : BA Programme

Scored less than what you expected in Class 12th Board Exams? Do not worry; you still might have an option of studying your desired subject.

“The B.A (programme) of Delhi University is a unique construction for enriching and encompassing those minds who have not been able to or intend to join the honours courses. The programme envisions the capturing of the academic brilliance in the minds of those pupils who look for holistic and competence enhancing spheres, which includes multidimensional, interesting and empowering discourse. This program is second to none as it facilitates the discovery of those areas for knowledge seekers, which may have not been apparent in the routine syllabus. This course is not only inter disciplinary but also a course, which will open multiple avenues for academic and professional explorations,” according to DU.

This course is a substitute for those who want to pursue a certain subject but couldn’t get through the honours, as the percentage cut-off for this course is comparatively less. This is also a good choice for those who are still indecisive about their career choice.

Under this course, one has to choose two disciplines (2 subjects of choice, eg. Psychology and English). A preset combination is given by each college individually from which the applicant can choose. A number of subject combinations are offered.

Though it varies from college to college. Only the subject offered as an honours course in that particular college would also be offered in the programme combinations.

Apart from two discipline courses, there are two subjects that are common for all the students of the batch (taught to honours students as well. In 2015-2016, it was Advanced English and EVS).

The major difference between an honours course and a programme course is that, the content covered in honours is more vast and in-depth. Though the topics taught in programme are also of equal value, but less in-depth. It is a lighter course than an honours course.

The scope of this course is vast. One can definitely go for masters after graduating. Though, the minimum eligibility criteria in entrances are a little higher for programme graduates than for honours. Other opportunities like MBA and other diplomas are also open.

To make your CV strong with a programme course, do involve yourself in extracurricular activities, NGO’s and internships throughout these three years.

Good luck!


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