“When exams are on our head, books lay scattered on the bed”. (Though I doubt you would have taken the pain to open them until the eleventh hour). Procrastinating like “Abhi toh 3 din hain, aaram se karloonga complete” fits everyone’s state of mind that is currently undergoing the “Rang-A-Rang Karriyakram of DU”. Well, I feel you guys. “Chahe pehle padha ho ya nahi”, there are certain things which will always irritate you and divert your attention, irrespective of your level of nerdiness.

1. When invigilators turn out to be friends

when invigilator chat-1

This seems to be the first and foremost reason of “Yaar concentrate nahi kar paya, gossip kar rahin thi dono poora time”. While the students are trying hard to figure out an answer, this chatter interferes with their ability to ‘GET’ (the significance of get being most important).

2. When person sitting next to you is writing a thesis







“What the hell? Are you like okay?”.  This is what comes to your mind when you notice the table next to you overflowing with sheets, filled in blue/black ink and hearing same voice repeatedly asking for more. And then when you turn your head towards yours, you are dumbfounded since it’s a struggle for you to finish one also, wondering. “Itna kya padhaya tha ma’am ne”.

3. When the invigilator acts as your body guard

when invigilator stands on head1- www.studentmoneysaver.co.uk

As you find your way through the second question, you sense some kind of a ghostly presence behind you which turns out to be none other than the invigilator. “Why are you staring at me like that?” this question rings your head all through the exam. It seems as if she’s waiting for you tilt left of right in pure innocence and “Hand Up, You’re caught” will be her reaction.

4. Library as exam hall- boon or bane

Aap books ke peeche and book aapke peeche, too much fun! Surrounded by shelves and shelves of books, you are motivated to write more and more. The “Eureka, I found It” comes in a flash  when your eye catches the holy book that you are in dire need of at that time. It is followed by, “Charlie, all clear” when your scan around to detect an unknown threat”. And finally, “haath nahi pahunch raha” moment which crushes all your desires and all you do is, stare at the shelf for the rest of the time, wishing it could crawl and reach you.

5. And your nose gets carried away with aroma

After all the prattling and distracting elements, when you at last begin to work out things yourself, arrives a well-laid tray with samosas and chai which falsely gives you the idea that its coming in your direction but passes by to reach the invigilators table and then enters a set of glasses filled with water to the brim to be served to you. The saliva dries out and you look intently at them like, “Don’t you think I need that more than you”.

Amidst all this hullabaloo that keeps your mind occupied, the “1 hour” warning hovers and you gear up all the courage to “face” questions and charge your battery to get going.



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