LSR MUN 2017 held over the 17th and 18th February promised to be one of its kind by incorporating inclusivity and quality. With the world facing an abundance of problems- humanitarian and environmental, this year’s LSR MUN focused on raising questions and creating answers. The focus rested on the rarely discussed theme of Climate Change. While many grapple with the severity of the situation others still try to understand it, the conference aimed at raising awareness about the issues that plague our very existence.With an Executive Panel comprising Professors and experienced MUNers for the purpose of judging and Guest Speakers, this edition of LSR MUN was primarily a research oriented oneThe conference simulated three committees, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific which discussed the Regional Implementation and Review of the Paris Agreement which saw above ninety applications for a limited thirty allotments, the Nansen Initiative- Meeting of the Steering Group, open only to students of LSR which deliberated upon the Protection Gap in Cross-Border Movement of Environmentally Displaced Migrants.

LSR MUN 2017 Wraps Up Successfully Inclusivity being a major concern today this editionhosted a third committee the UN Commission on the Status of Women which looked at Climate Change and Gender Perspectives, in collaboration with NGO’s Delhi Commonwealth’s Women Association and Adhyayan so as to broaden the field of MUNs to include students of various backgrounds and circumstances and facilitate cross-sectional discourse.


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