Movie Novelisation: Dead Poet’s Society

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Gone with the Wind, Pride and Prejudice, The Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, The Time Traveler’s Wife and Eat, Pray, Love. What is the common thread that runs through all of them and links them?

The mere fact that these astounding books were made into movies is what connects them. While it is very usual for books to be adapted into movies, it is rather unusual when it’s the other way round. Isn’t it?

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Dead Poet‚Äôs Society is one such great movie that was made into a book. The movie is about taking risks, believing in one’s dreams and making them come true. It‚Äôs about being a free thinker; independent from the opinions of others. It‚Äôs about friends, families, teachers and most essentially, about love. Love for poetry, love for what one is passionate about and for one’s dreams.

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In the movie Mr. Keating, the new English teacher, breathes life and freedom into the hearts of the boys. With his most exceptional teaching methods he inspires the boys to seize the day. Carpe Diem is what he practices and preaches.


“Dead Poet’s Society,” was a secret club which met in a cave in order to discuss poetry, philosophy and life. It was the club which Mr. Keating had created and the legacy of which the boys carried. The meeting began with a verse that did more than just to explain the purpose of the society.


The movie is a blatant source of inspiration for all that the character of Mr. Keating teaches us. Don’t let other people’s prejudices hinder you from achieving what you want most in life. Take risk. That’s the whole point of the movie. It is not what everyone else says or thinks is right. It is what you think is right. It is a transcendentalist movie that is so breathtakingly beautiful that it was adapted into a book.


So watch the brilliant movie and grab your copy of the book!

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