Moving Out For College; a Different Perspective

Moving Out For College; a Different Perspective
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It’s a new feeling being away from home! New city; new people; new perspectives. The overwhelming freedom and independence might make you feel responsible (but you aren’t considering the decisions you are going to make and later regret) and all grown up and has its own positive aspects. But you will never really get over things like “ghar ka khaana” and the urge to rush back home whenever you get the chance. It’s difficult for those who are back at home as well, your parents. So here we have another new perspective for you. Enough with the freshers (and all the other students too) being nostalgic, this one is for our parents.

“So it’s been a week since you left for college. And I realized this again when I entered your room to wake you up this morning. How silly of me to forget that you are in another city! Old habits die hard. I remember what an ordeal it would be to wake you up in the morning for school. And then you getting ready and eating your breakfast in a hurry because you were getting late as you did not wake up on time since you never sleet on time. I wonder who wakes you up there in the city. I hope you get yourself a healthy breakfast every morning and enough sleep at night.

You do remember to iron your clothes right? I remember how you burnt your shirt while ironing it because you were too busy on your mobile. And please for the love of God, remember to do your laundry instead of creating a pile of dirty clothes till you have nothing to wear at the end of the month.

You were always a picky eater! I wonder whether you are eating healthy food and having all three meals instead of eating junk food which you will gorge on at midnight after you have refused to eat my daal. It must be hot over there. Spend your time indoors instead of roaming around after college.

Your friends here often ask about you. I am glad that you are making new friends in college as well. But don’t trust everyone recklessly. And remember to call me at least once every day, else I will obviously call you so I know whether you are up to any mischief or not. I am proud of you for studying in such a prestigious institute, but this is not it. I want you to perform well here as well. So you better not be slacking while you should be studying.

It’s strange here without you, even without your arguments (but on another note, it’s quieter). Even your clean room, which once used to look like a battle field, annoys me. I just hope that you’re healthy and happy in that new environment. So every time I catch a glimpse of your room, I miss you. I miss your motor mouth and giggling. I miss you coming back from school, completely tired. I miss you and I can’t wait for you to come back home during your vacations. I love you and I hope you take good care of yourself. You better call me tonight!”

Yes, it is tough, but it is tougher for your parents. After all, they raised you since you were too young to make your own decisions (and even today, you rely on your parents before making several decisions). Give them a call and tell them about your day now (before that, wipe your tears). The independence might make you feel as if you have grown into an adult, but for your parents, you will always be their four year old bundle of joy. So even when you are far from them, keep them close to your hearts.


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