Now Pay Fine For Honking While Driving In Delhi

Now Pay Fine For Honking While Driving In Delhi
Image Source-Quora

Do you guys Honk a lot while you are on the road? Well it might lead you into some trouble if you don’t stop this habit of your’s. As Delhi will soon be declared as a No-Honking Zone.

This initiative has been taken up by the Delhi Police, in order to control the noise pollution, at-least 60 stretches have been marked as Non-Honking zone, and in order to make it more impressionable a fine of Rupees 300 has also been imposed. It will be put into action from the coming week.

The places that have been included in the list are – Mandir Marg, Ring Road near Panchsheel Enclave, Residential areas along the Ring Road, Outer Ring Road, Lutyen’s Delhi, North Campus and South Campus.

The police has recognised these area’s as the most Noise Polluted area’s in town and to curb the issue a fine will be charged starting from Rupees 100 and will go upto Rupees 300.


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