NSUI Launches ‘Behtar Bharat’ Campaign,Congress President Rahul Gandhi Writes Letter To Students

NSUI launches 'Behtar Bharat' campaign; Rahul Gandhi addresses all students

NSUI with an aim to provide a platform to every student has launched the ‘Behtar Bharat’ or ‘Future of India’ campaign. Congress party has created this interface to interact with the students, who were referred to as “nation builders” by Rahul Gandhi in his recent letter.

NSUI launches 'Behtar Bharat' campaign; Rahul Gandhi addresses all students
Rahul Gandhi’s letter to students

This campaign will comprise of-

  • ‘Behtar Bharat’ campus ambassadors
  • Student interactions on issues raised
  • Targeted discussions with significant stakeholders

The campus ambassadors will be in direct touch with the participating students. Their role will be to perceive¬†students’ problems and to enroll new members.

NSUI released a draft of the agenda of this campaign.However, the final agenda will be architectured by the participating students themselves. It is majorly based on the prevalent issues in India. Congress President wrote about a few issues faced by the students in his letter as well. Articulating the current dynamics as corrupt, he said that the Congress party will ensure that each student acquires their support and opportunities he/she needs.

The key elements with their respective key points put forward in the draft are-

  1. Access to opportunities and mentoring- Youth clubs and career guidance

  2. Overhaul of the examination system- Transparency in results and low re-evaluation cost

  3. Access to quality and affordable higher education- Low fees, aid to rural students, free coaching for entrance exams and low traveling cost

  4. Students Rights Commission- Helping students who conflict with college administration

  5. Provision of English classes- Providing help to those who wish to learn English

  6. Making India women-friendly

  7. Discrimination-free environment in education institutes

  8. India Corps- Provide volunteering and nation-building opportunities

  9. Youth Employment- Regularising contract jobs

NSUI launches 'Behtar Bharat' campaign; Rahul Gandhi addresses all students

With the upcoming 2019 general assembly elections, this campaign will influence students to engage in politics. Their main idea is to construct a platform to propose relevant youth issues.


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