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Online classes: Get, Set, Manage

Delhi University, on July 30 announced the commencement of the new academic session through online classes. This came after postponing the session multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown imposed across the country. However, according to the latest notification, online classes will begin for students in the third, fifth, and sixth semesters from August 10.

The news poses its own set of hardships. This includes an extended period of screen time, health issues, distractions, etc. These are numerous challenges that the students will be facing with the remote method of learning. Though it is important to learn, there are other commitments as well. From internships to staying connected with your loved ones, the list goes on. This can even lead to students overlooking their mental health. How can one, therefore, effectively perform every task while taking care of themselves and not missing out on online classes?

The key to ensuring smooth functioning as an intern, friend, and most importantly as a student is effective management. It is only you who can cater to your own needs. This makes it imperative to make some smart decisions. Don’t stress, think of this as an opportunity to learn the art of management and balancing. All you need to do is remember some points as you start with your online classes:

1. Think Smart, Plan Smart: Studying is your work, so it is essential to prioritize the same. When you get hold of your timetable, think of how much time you want to allot for each class. Once you decide your study plan, fill the spaces in your schedule. Work in a similar method and plan your timetable.

Yes, it easy to make a timetable but difficult to follow one. You can make sure that you follow it this time by making it more practical. Read the next points for this.

Online classes: Get, Set, Manage
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2. Avoid Multi-Tasking: Remember the time you thought of working on 3 assignments in a day? Well, this question was to remind you of what happened next. It is human to be more unproductive while Multi-Tasking. There is an increased chance of mistakes and anxiety. Your creativity is limited and your time wasted. This is not living, so make ‘one task at a time’ your new mantra.

3. Goodbye Distractions (only for a while) :

While we all love Netflix and social media, they can delay our work by hours. So do not fall prey to them, trying to stay up all night. Make sure you tell yourself that you can enjoy once you are done with your online classes.

Online classes: Get, Set, Manage
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4. Seal your space: 

Take any corner and mark it ‘your’ space. Surround it with your books and notes. Work and study here, to ensure that you do not sleep during an important lecture.

5. Make an impressive CV:

Every student is looking for opportunities to create that stunning Resume. But to be the ‘Intern of the year’, take the amount of work you will be able to complete. A golden rule you should follow is that the number of internships doesn’t matter. What matters is the experience and skills enhanced during that time. Give your best only on what you think is the best!

Once you know what is best for you, accommodate your working hours in your schedule.

6. Take care of your health:

Do not give up on exercise and work out, that you started in the lockdown. Eat a balanced diet. Meditate, walk, and have a good sleep. Talk to a professional in case of a problem.

Online classes: Get, Set, Manage
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7. Do Not Procrastinate:

Have you been suggested this so many times that now it is annoying? We all are advised so because if you have ever noticed, once you start procrastinating, it becomes a cycle. Today, with this unpredictability, there is an increase in stress and anxiety among the population. So an added stress due to piling up of work can affect your health. The viable solution to this problem is to initiate another cycle where you complete everything on your to-do list. Also, make your notes right away!

8. Reward your efforts!

If this works for you, take a day off every weekend. This can be your Netflix time or anything you want! Watch some feel-good animated series. Cook something or paint, do everything you feel like. This time is yours!

Online classes: Get, Set, Manage
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Following a plan is arduous, but not impossible. Try your best, make modifications because the sense of achievement at the end of a busy week will be great! More than anything, your health should be your priority. You don’t have to be productive all the time. You have 24 hours a day and you can’t work or attend online classes everyday. Just be kind to yourself, in the end, we are all living in a pandemic.


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