PDA In India

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Public Display of Affection is a term used for physical intimacy in public places between people of different or same sex. The present generation is far more receptive in expressing their love and affection in public than the old one.

But let’s not forget that India is still conservative about such public acts of display of affection and while the youth might be acceptive about it but their family might not be. It is considered a taboo in here as compared to the foreign countries which are far more liberal.

We live in a country where urinating in public is acceptable but a mere hug between the people of different sex is not. People are quick to make assumptions the moment they see couples holding hands or sitting next to each other let. Such is the inadmissible backlash of people to simple acts of affection. The mentality of majority of Indians is still lacking the simple avidity to accept the fact that the world is changing and the people along with it. Holding hands, hugging, keeping arms around the shoulder turn a lot of heads around. Many judgmental eyes follow you when you are seen indulging in such completely innocent acts which are considered obscene. In India, such little affectionate gestures are often made a big issue of discussions.

Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code lays down the punishment for obscene acts or words in public but the law does not clearly define what would constitute an obscene act. So it is not clear if the acts of holding hands, hugging, kissing, putting arms etc are illegal or not.

These loopholes in the laws are often misused by those who claim to be its protectors. Couples are often threatened and harassed by the police officers for money. The ones who are supposed to protect people from being harassed become the ones indulged in it. People don’t need the moral police every time to tell them what is right and wrong In past, vigilante groups have tried to create ruckus for those celebrating Valentine’s Day, trying to be the ‚Äòmoral police‚Äô. These groups spread negativity and hinder the peace of the society.

The romantic scenes we see in our Bollywood movies are adored by everyone, irrespective of any bounds, but when seen in real life then, it becomes a subject of contempt.

But it is not always the mentality of the general public that’s frowned upon, sometimes the youngsters also cross certain limits which makes it uncomfortable for the people around. Excessive PDA in the public parks, movie theaters and other public places is not acceptable. PDAs are meant for the level of affection passable as appropriate in public spaces. We as youngsters should know the difference on either sides of this fine line of intimacy.

This country that we live in will only be at the forefront of the world when its people aren’t going to be held back by such trivial pursuit and it’s equally our responsibility to make sure of it.


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