Pros Of Private University

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PRIVATE UNIVERSITY!! after listening this word, people get an image of costly, high standard and a place that belong to rich people only. People are of perception that private university charge high fees, only provide admission to the kids whose parents have big pockets or has quality infrastructure but not quality education or it is an organization that focus more on profits rather than student growth and development. But now it’s high time to change the perception of people and make them known to reality of PRIVATE UNIVERSITY, what they actually are? What they do for students? How they are best?

Private universities are the place of quality education which allow you with the balanced curriculum i.e. a balanced combination of academics, extra-curricular and workforce environment. Some of the universities breaking these stereotypes are Chandigarh Group of colleges and Amity. Universities focus on providing quality education through qualified and experienced faculty, live projects, good infrastructure etc. The public institutes are not funded by government grants. They have to charge fees from students or have an option of alumni donation. The other universities making big strides in this regards is GD Goenka University. Nowadays not only private charge high fees but govt are also in that race like IIM-A has a fee structure of around 19.5 lakh which is much more than many private universities. On the other hand, International school of business, one of the best private university in INDIA, is famous for its quality, infrastructure and faculty has the high cost but worth every penny. They introduce scholarship programs with the help of their alumni’s.

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One of the most important advantage of private university is there smaller size.Generally, private universities tend to be smaller than their public counterparts. According to the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, the average size of private colleges in America is 1,920 students, while the average size of public universities is 43,186 students, according to U.S. News and World Report. Due to their smaller class size, students get more one-on-one attention from professors, greater class participation and closer-knit student groups.

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Private schools are commonly known for having rigorous academic programs, and emphasize learning almost more than the curriculum itself. They are more disciplined focus and give importance to time management. The students of private universities have a variety of chances to study abroad and opportunities to be involved in campus organizations. They provide students with exchange programs, internships in foreign countries etc. creating a collaborative academic structure with foreign universities.

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In 2014, According to the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU), around 3.4 million students attended private universities. They reported the following pros of the universities like smaller size and greater attention, more extracurricular opportunities, scholarship programs. One of the main pros is lifelong advantages that develop students with ethical standards, self-confidence, communicating with people of different races, and to be responsible individual.

In nutshell, the private universities are the place of affordable high quality education with quality infrastructure, developing students with initiative, team-work, innovation and corporate challenges. Private universities are producer of a disciplined, hard work, dynamic and a responsible leader for the country.

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