Scary Places Part 1 : Five Must Visit Places In Delhi For Ghost Busters

scary places in delhi du express

If you’re up to some different kind of fun this time around, here is a list of haunted places that might pique your interest. Going in a large group is highly recommended.

Jamali Kamali Mosque & Tomb

vargiskhanThe place is situated inside the Mehrauli Archaelogical Park. It is named after the two saints who were buried in 1535. Disturbing voices are heard calling to people and invisible forces are also felt. Even at present, fakirs come to call upon Jinns on every Thursday to appease them. Does that scare you? Or makes you want to visit this eerie place even more.

Delhi Cantonment

excitingindia-inIt is one of the more accessible places to visit at night. There are many stories revolving around the ghost lady who was supposedly killed in a car accident. She is said to be trying to catch attention of the drivers and following them until they stop. She disappears when they actually stop. Spooky… ¬†So how about a drive through this place on new moon?

Khooni Nadi

fuccha-inIf the name itself has not caused goose bumps, the actual place sure will. This “bloody river” flows through the Rohini area. The river is said to suck people in and even entice them to jump into it. This might sound bizarre but there had been a series of deaths believed to be suicides that took place in this river. But why just this river?

Sanjay Van

scoopwhoopThe sprawling city forest houses the remnants of Qila Rai Pithora and plethora of mausoleums. The lady in white is sighted even at this place. The serene calm of the forest breaks with occasional cries and strange laughter. Those could just be the birds or… Does a night out in this forest sounds appealing?

Lothian Cemetery

blog-darkmoon-inLocated in the vicinity of Kashmiri Gate, this is considered the oldest Christian cemetery in Delhi. There is the story of the headless soldier- spurned in his love, walking with his head in his hands. The atmosphere is desolate and gloomy owing to the unrest spirits. Trying a visit on a moonless night might not be the best idea.

These places seemingly all too well in daylight are considered some of the scariest places in Delhi. Are some of you daredevils up for an adventurous evening?


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