The Great North Campus & South Campus Dilemma : What’s True & What Isn’t

Apart from Delhi's boiling heat and simmering cut offs, the dilemma of choosing the between north campus and south campus has bewildered DU aspirants.

The Great North Campus & South Campus Dilemma : What's True & What Isn't
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“North campus, South campus, off campus,

This thought running in us and around us

A dilemma we have lost ourselves in

Like a label,

The thought has been imprinted on us,

And within.”

Since we have captured your attention through this Langston Hughes that we just pulled out, let’s talk of the dilemma that goes on in every DU aspirant’s mind. The dilemma of getting into the right campus. As if the cut-offs weren’t enough of a roller coaster ride, the north-south hassle seasons everything up with a sprinkle of salt (salt bae much?).

There is a huge preference for North campus colleges among students. Consequently, the crowd of North Campus is considered far better than that of South campus colleges and off campus colleges. Now the distinction isn’t just of north and south, but of the cool kids and the not-so-cool kids. Hate to break it down to you, but these are just stereotypes or labels similar to the brand of your over expensive t-shirt.

As the golden words have been dropped, it is surprising how a generation that defies to be defines and is full on ‘anti-labels’ can fall off into the North-South perplexity. Moving on, let’s go through the reasons for this confusion:

  • First and foremost the crowd – Due to the comparatively higher cut off lists released by certain North Campus colleges (looking at you SRCC and Hindu), it is assumed that the crowd is better making the North campus students the ‘it-crowd’. However, this does not mean that South campus is any less in this aspect. The intellectual and the polished crowd are pulled towards South Campus. As for the cut offs, all the colleges in DU are known to have high cut off lists, so it doesn’t matter which college you get into since you will find yourself surrounded by sharp minded bunch, just like you.
  • Secondly, the classroom education – We all must agree that this is the most important criteria. It is a myth that the education in North Campus is better but is this an episode of MythBusters or what! A North campus professor receives as much income as a South campus professor and the education and versatility is no different either. The only difference is of research papers and publications written by different professors. However, there are some books written by South campus professors which are often preferred due to their richness in quantity and quality.
  • Thirdly, personality development – Be it the North or the South, you will be engaging yourself with an extremely diverse group of people in DU. You will have all kinds of experience with people of different backgrounds, perspectives, opinions and such which will eventually lead to your personal growth. Another factor contributing to your personality development would be the various societies where you will meet like-minded people.
  • Fourthly, the campus surroundings – The colleges in North Campus are located closely and hence commutation is cheap and easy. Shopping spots like Hudson Lane and Kamla Nagar as well as eating spots like Tom uncle’s Maggi point and Sudama tea shop have always been sources of attraction. However, South campus is no less here as well. Though there is a disadvantage of South campus colleges being scattered around. But it makes up for it with hangout spots like Satya Niketan and Hauz Khas if you are in a mood for cafes. Shopping spots include Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar (and to be honest they are better than the ones in the North campus).
  • Lastly, the college infrastructure – Most of the colleges in South campus are comparatively new hence they do not provide with an ‘elite’ architecture as that of North Campus colleges. However, the difference is only marginal and does not really make a big difference.

So here we have five myths we bashed up brutally (no offence to North campus students, you guys need to chill). Be it South Campus or North Campus, it DOES NOT MATTER. What matters is your course and the college which is best for that course. Therefore the college you choose should be on the bases of the course you are opting for not south or north. Till then, chill out kid. And best of luck!


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