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The Joust 2019 – The Annual Literary Festival of JIIT

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The Joust, organized by Parola-The Literary Hub of JIIT is the largest literary festival in Delhi NCR.

With nine exciting events spanning over a period of two days, this literary fest is a symphony of the different forms of literature. It caters to the interests of all the aspiring diplomats, statesmen, poets, writers, orators, debators and journalists.Witnessing a participation from the most reputed institutes of India, we envisage this verbal battle to witness the most heated contentions, conflicts and the most graceful pieces of literature.

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The following 9 events will mark this festival:

  1. National Integration Council (NIC): The National Integration Council (NIC) is a group of senior politicians and public figures in India that look for ways to address the problems of communalism, casteism and regionalism. This year at the Joust 2019, we are here with the agenda “Discussion on the challenges against equitable development with special emphasis on socio-economic, religious and regional inequalities.”

 If you believe that the issues that we are trying to address need immediate attention, we welcome you to be the voice of change.

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  1. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO): 

The purpose of UNESCO is to promote international collaboration in education, science, and culture. As UNESCO stands firm with its goals to ensure the right to education and equality of opportunities in the war torn zones of the world, we at the Joust are simulating this committee with the agenda, “Improving access to education for refugees and migrants in post-conflict areas”. 

We welcome you to share your opinions to achieve global visions of sustainable development and improve the access to education.

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  1. International Organization for Migration (IOM): The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is an organization that provides service and advice concerning migration to governments and migrants, including internally displaced persons, refugees and migrants. This year at The Joust, the agenda for IOM is “Addressing Climate Migration and Cross-Border Disaster Displacement.” 

To raise awareness about the multiple reasons why the flow of migration is such a delicate issue, this simulation helps you voice your concern.

  1. The Press: The Press includes different forms of media, focusing on delivering information to the general public. The Press requires reporters, who will be writing articles and photographers who will be capturing every moment along the way. This simulation demonstrates the influence of the press in an interconnected world. We at The Joust, are here to provide you with a platform to raise your voice against the issues at hand and to ensure that media truly does remain the fourth pillar of democracy.
  1. Tarksangram: Tarksangram is a two-day multi-format hindi debate, the preliminary round will be a conventional debate followed by the second round which would be a parliamentary debate. Over the two days, the debaters from all across India will be competing for the coveted trophy and will try to outwit their worthy opponents. The topic for the first round for the debate will be released 24 hours prior to the event through the official Facebook page of Parola-The Literary Hub of JIIT.
  1. Verses: Poetry is a spontaneous overflow of feelings, taking its origin from emotion, recollected in tranquility. With thoughts that breathe and words that burn, we are here with “Verses” – A Bilingual Slam Poetry Competition. 

We at the Joust 2019, bring to you the platform to frame your heartfelt emotions into verses.

  1. Penned: Penned is a Creative writing competition where participants have the option to choose from given 5 Movies/TV series, which include – Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Dark Knight Trilogy and Breaking Bad. The word limit for the competition will be 750-1000 words and the time limit will be 2 hours. All the writing enthusiasts are cordially welcome to participate in this event.
  2. Cerebrate: The Joust is here with an English conventional debate full of heated arguments and discussion. We are here to help you prove your mettle through debate, dissent and discussion.
    Put your best foot forward and develop your oratory skills by engaging in this contention. The topic for the debate will be released forty-eight hours prior to the event through the official page of Parola-The literary hub of JIIT.
  1. Inquizitive: Inquizitive – A General Knowledge Quiz is for those of you who have a thirst for knowledge that can only be quenched with the right answers. Encouraging students to increase awareness of the world around them, we bring to you an event where you can participate in a group of two and put your knowledge to test. 

The executive board and the panel of judges of The Joust bring the right mix of experience and skill to the council they handle and are best equipped to help us meet the standards we have established over the previous years. We provide a perfect stage for debaters, poets, writers, and general knowledge enthusiasts. We invite you to witness the most prestigious literary festival. 

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For further queries, contact-

Raksha Tandon
Head – Delegate Affairs

Salil Shukla

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