This Festive Season,Celebrate Diwali With Green Fireworks Says Supreme Court

This Festive Season,Celebrate Diwali With Green Fireworks Says Supreme Court

With excitement in their hearts, Delhi has been waiting for the verdict of the Supreme Court regarding the Ban of Crackers this festive season.

Supreme Court yesterday declared that only Green Fireworks will be allowed thus not banning complete fireworks this year. After the verdict Sadar Bazaar has been blooming as the shopkeepers are trying to sell their old stock of crackers first so that they do not suffer loss this season. Since 80% of their current inventory was not part of the ‘Green Fireworks’

Later in the day, both buyers and shop keepers were a little confused as to what is Green Fireworks and what all is included in the list, since most of the licensed shops were selling the regular crackers only.

The Shop keepers further added that they do not usually keep a stock of green fireworks, not because they are expensive but only because there is less of demand for them, as only a few people specifically ask for them. Green Fireworks are better since they emit less noise and are less polluting thus contributing a little towards saving the environment from the harmful gases.

After the verdict, green Fireworks have started flooding in the market but the issue is that they do not come with a separate tag or in a separate box so people are still in a air of confusion, weather it is the green fireworks that are being procured or not.

The Supreme Court has banned Ladis, as they are extremely harmful for the environment.


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