The Ultimate Truth About College Friendships

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I know what brings you here. Either you are a fresher who just loves going to college and probably thinks this article is bullshit or you’re a sophomore/senior who can relate to this on many levels (YES!).

One thing which is common to all the students is that they think they’re the only one who are screwed up, but the ultimate truth is that all of us are in the same boat. It‚Äôs a rat race. In college first year the ones who are your dearest buddies become your competitors as exams approach and in second year, guess what? ¬†Your friend list comes down to the number of fingers on your hand.

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Semester 1, we meet every new person, exchange numbers, bunk classes, take selfies and hang out. We go home and add the people as our Facebook friends and follow on Instagram. Freshman year brings us to college everyday (thanks to the excitement of not being in school anymore). After 2 months of having fun and socializing, we bank upon our friends to study for the exams too. Somewhere between Group studies, assignment submissions, and constantly nagging each other on phone calls by saying “kitna hua?”, “ Tera toh ho hi gaya hoga” ,“I am failing tomorrow”, “please teach me !”, the bond grows stronger with some and loosens with some people.

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Exams happen. We forget everything we studied and start hanging out in winter break.  But the group becomes smaller as we begin judging the people around us. Goodbye Semester 1.

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Semester 2 commences in freezing and lazy January. Some of us are excited to meet our friends and some just want to stay home because all of a sudden college became boring. Nothing is new, same old faces, same old PJ‚Äôs and nothing extra ordinary. We come to college for more important things like attendance, society meetings, assignment submissions and in between these things, we socialize again. Then, comes the deadly result date. Without realizing that DU results are partly luck and partly effort, we still judge our friends. We still want to score more than them and secretly enjoy if one of our ‚Äòso called‚Äô friends scores lower than us, to the extent that we even check the result of the person who‚Äôs not willing to reveal his marks. Why? Because our brain fails to look at the bigger picture¬†called ‘mind your own business’ 🙂

By the end of semester 2, we realize who is our type, the real friends who we can count on. We unfollow the people we stop liking, stop commenting on their profile pictures and don’t wish them on their special days.  Why ? Because duh, who cares? Exams approach again, but this time we study alone because hey, it’s a race! Seek help but don’t give. That’s how selfish we become.

In this situation, a wise student will never keep a bad blood with anyone. Who knows, we might need a favour from the nerdy boy for notes, or the pretty girl because she looks good in your photos, the ambitious one for internships and the popular ones for umm, absolutely no reason! Right?

Time passes, we enter a new year and seek to meet juniors. We can mentor them, guide them and give them a good experience while warning them about ours!

2nd year brings all the responsible vibes in us. We want to do new things, build our resume and gain work experience. It is the most important year of our college life which is impossible without our true friends. True rhymes with ‘few’ and a drink or two with our best buddies becomes our stress buster. The door to the Room for intellectual conversations opens and somewhere in our heart we thank the universe for the best squad ever. This squad which includes a few friends from school is probably going to stay for life. Value it, cherish it.

This wasn’t meant to scare you. If it did, God bless you! *makes a cute face*

This article was written by Harshita Chawla from Delhi College of Arts & Commerce.

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Shivam Malhotra
A social media enthusiast who is in love with this digital world! Wrote the first article for DU Express in May 2016.

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