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ABVP Releases Manifesto Including A Sports Manifesto For DUSU Elections 2018

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Yesterday,Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad declared its manifesto regarding upcoming DUSU elections in the presence of National General Secretary Ashish Chauhan.Ashish Chauhan stated that ABVP name itself includes the whole manifesto and threw light on new definition of ABVP which states that-
A- Academic, Sports and Co- Cuuricular Reforms
B- Bharat first
V- Vision for World Class Infrastructure, Transportation and Facilities.

P- Pledge for Women Safety, Security and Gender Sensitisation

ABVP’s Presidential candidate Ankiv Baisoya stated that ABVP led DUSU is committed to spend more than 50% DUSU’s budget on women and social justice related activities.We will put special attention on sports related activities.He also mentioned about issues like remedial classes for SC, ST, OBC and economically backward students, 24*7 reading room in University campus,one course one fee for all PG courses and asked University to reduce high fees,Internship for students in different ministeries and government institutions.

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ABVP’s DUSU candidate for Joint Secretary Jyoti Chaudhary mentioned about her commitment to make women safe campus.She assured installation of sanitary napkins vending machine in all DU colleges.

Today,ABVP launched a sports manifesto.ABVP’s DUSU Vice Presidential Candidate Shakti Singh said “I have been a boxing player at national level,I will try my best to create a better atmosphere to encourage sports with academics so that we can establish an example of healthy society and better sports culture from Delhi University.”

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The Sports Manifesto released by ABVP included the following promises-

-ABVP will make sure that University Stadium is open for all the students:

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The University Stadiums should be available for all the students as the said sports facilities were developed during Common Wealth Games 2010. A MOU was signed between University of Delhi and Ministry of Sports that these facilities will be open for the students soon after the completion of the games.

-ABVP demands revision in five percent sports quota seats per department:

Only 5% seats per department is reserved for sports quota admissions, this is being observed from many years in all the colleges that a handful number of students wants to opt BAP course as it enables the sports students to manage studies and sports together.

-ABVP will work to resolve problems regarding Attendance and Internal marks/Assessments:

The practice sessions &participation in tournaments occupy number of days of the semester which results in short of attendance. The students are practicing on their own without any support from the colleges/University whereas, it is the responsibility of the colleges/ University to accommodate the practice timings in the college timetable/curriculum. Players have to travel for the competitions and practice, due to which they are unable to submit their assignments/ tests on prescribed time. ABVP will work to resolve this issue.

-Clashing the dates of the tournaments and college/Universities Examination:

It has been observed that due to lack of communication between AIU and National sports federation many times the National tournaments clashes with the dates of college/University examination. Every year, numbers of students deprive to appear in college/University examination. ABVP will resolve this with the problem and demand that university must have a provision to reschedule the examination for such sports students.

-ABVP demands increase in diet rates for sports person in line with price index:

It has been observed that diet rates and food coupon rates have not been revised over the years in university. It should be increased regularly in line with the price index. ABVP will take up this issue with university and government for benefit of sports personnel.

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