Anxiety & Stress About College Admissions : Take Care Of Your Health Instead Of Worrying About College

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“As the fan swirled round and round,
My bed turned into a battle ground.
War and catastrophe in my mind,
Just like the veins in my vessel,
Words and numbers, intertwined.”

The current situation that the students are facing during the ongoing admission hysteria could not be narrated into more poetic words (what’s up Rupi Kaur?). As soon as the results for board exams are declared, students have to endure quite a moment of panic and sleepless nights, which has a severe impact on their mental health.

Today’s culture is driven by hyper-productivity and excessive competition among the youth. Hence, mental disorders and mental health have become extremely prevalent as well as quite a matter of concern. This time of college admissions can have quite a toll on those dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and such; especially the ones without any access to professional help.

Students usually remain silent as well as unknown to what atrocities this silence towards mental health can lead to. As much as a growing concern it has become, parents, on the other hand, debunk the entire concept of mental health. Consequently, young people lack the motivation to talk about such issues. It can be unbelievably exhausting dealing with the overwhelming academic pressure and tackling mental health issues at the same time.

Mental health is serious and it requires as much concern as physical health. The best way to deal with anxiety and depression is by talking about it to a friend, a cousin, a relative or anyone you can trust (therapy is a great option if you have access to professional help). Alternatives include hotlines at times of anxiety, suicidal thoughts or any form of crisis. Many students remain unheard, which leads them to take rash decisions such as self harm and even drug abuse.

In addition to this, the chaos which takes place during the time of admissions works as a cherry on top of this pile of paranoia. Getting admission into a good college is not the only matter (though it is the prime concern), but it is backed up by the constant desire for validation which defines our generation.

Whatsoever the case is, you! Yes you! Hey! You are going to make it. Yes, the thought of getting into the desired college can be devastating as it is filled with anxieties and depressive thoughts. But once you make it to college (which you will, obviously, so Hakuna Matata) you will mock yourself for all the strange things you have concocted in that beautiful mind of yours. Calm down kid, you are going make it over the moon and beyond the stars (because in college, you are going to have the most rambling of experiences). Till then, take care!


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