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Greater Noida: Government Bows to Farmers’ Demand for Higher Compensation

Farmers in Greater Noida’s adjoining areas have, via peaceful means, settled their differences over land compensations with the Greater Noida Authority. The land acquisitions in contention were for the ambitious Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) project.

DU Admission 2020: Registration of Maharaja Agrasen College’s Advanced Diploma in TV Program and News Production Begins

Maharaja Agrasen College under the University of Delhi, has started the registration process for the admissions of Advanced Diploma in TV Program and News Production. The college recently released an admission notice commencing...

Nagorno-Karabakh: Archaic Rivalries and Contemporary Warfare

Central Asia has once again erupted into flames. Even though things seem to be settling down in Karabakh, the situation, however, is so tense that even the slightest hint of an escalation...

Blue Flag Certification: 8 India Beaches Make Cut

Indians have craved for scenic beaches with crystal clear water for a long time now. This craving may finally be satisfied, thanks to consistent efforts by the authorities as well as the...

Validation and Indians: The Royal Colonial Treatise

We have ignored our customs and traditions for a long time under the banner of backwardness. But its rather astonishing that we seem to embrace the same customs when the west starts to hail it.

DUTA Strike: Maharaja Agrasen College Teachers and Staff go on Strike demanding release of Funds

The teachers and staff of Maharaja Agrasen College have gone a three-day protest till 18th September. The protest includes the cancellation of all the classes between the aforementioned dates.

Toxic Criticism and the Helpless Indian Soldier

Our celebrities and social media influencers often rant about how difficult it is to deal with trolling. Now imagine being called a murderer when you gunned down not an innocent but a vicious terrorist who had their hands red with the blood of innocents.

Aniket Chauhan