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Reliance Jio : A Potential Game Changer

Reliance Industries launched its new 4G telecom network on Thursday,offering free voice calls and rock-bottom data prices Reliance Industries Limited chairman Mukesh Ambani,India’s richest man vowed to “take our nation from data shortage to data...

Freeze Perfection

Where would we be without refrigerators? If you’ve ever lost electricity for any period of time (as I have recently, thanks to the intense heat and an overloaded electrical grid), you understand...

OLED Vs. LED : Which’d be your TechRight Choice?

  Isn't that quite a controversial and chic titled question? There‚Äôs no comparison between the two because there‚Äôs really no such thing as what has been marketed as an LED TV. Yup, it's...

TechTalk of the Era : Pokémon GO

  Here‚Äôs your chance to travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pok√©mon with Pok√©mon GO for iPhone and Android devices. With Pok√©mon GO, you‚Äôll discover technology and a major...

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