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DU’s Girls College: Your safe space

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Delhi University has nearly 22 girls college. Many popular courses like Psychology are offered largely in girls’ colleges. Additionally, many higher-ranked colleges in the country are DU’s girls’ colleges.

This becomes a plight for many applicants. But is it really?

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Many female DU aspirants face this dilemma when the cutoffs are released. A girls college might even be better ranked but isn’t a Co-ed College the ticket to Karan Johar’s movie style college life?

For starters, college is ensuring 66% attendance not winning a Student of the year trophy. But it is important to note what brings these hesitations.

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Myths Debunked

Try and recall what you have heard about girls and girls’ college. It will be something along the lines of it’s very dramatic. Girls are very competitive. Life will get very boring or ‘no college life’. It’s a fashion show.

All of this sounds familiar? These are what we call myths. It is important that we understand the root cause.

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‘Women are women’s worst enemy’ is our society’s typical. What we do not understand is how this is an old patriarchal method to control a bond that can rather be cherished. It is these girl’s colleges that are the prime example of this. DU’s popular female spaces are not catfighting hubs. The reality is quite opposite.

Girls college: Your safe space
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They said it! 

Just one step into the DU’s female world is so accepting and empowering. Aarushi Raj, a second-year student from Kamala Nehru College says “Everybody has a stereotype in their mind for girls college. However, the truth is that the freedom you get here is unmatched. It has enthusiastic, competitive and friendly vibes. Girls college is an emotion and you will understand this only if you are in one!”

You can wear anything under the sun without being judged. Also, someone in a girl’s college can be the flag bearer of patriarchy too. We forget how the things we say are the things we learn. The things we believe are the things we are told. As a girl, many of us are subjected to body shaming or abuse. These girl’s spaces are the safest way to build yourself. Along with this, you get your boss babe tribe too!

Another proud girl’s college student is Priyanshi Banerjee from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. She says “Girls college is literally the best thing that happened to me after school. It has certainly changed me! Firstly, we get this very idea that girls would always be competitive and they do not turn out to be great friends. I mean we as women are awesome. Still, we are told that we can only be competitive that’s nothing but patriarchy reinforced within us.” She adds “It’s such a safe space and I genuinely do not even feel conscious. There is this huge energy that sort of just circulates in the campus. I just want to shout out and say you look gorgeous to everyone everyday! Also, I know that I am not alone when I am saying this.”

So dear aspirant,

The university has 22 girls college out of a total of 77. Some people from these 22 colleges might not have good experiences. But do you want to know what are female bonds? Let me tell you they are beautiful. Because these girls have felt everything you have. This comes from someone who wanted a Co-ed college. But today I have learned to feel beautiful and strong. You can choose any college but don’t ignore a woman’s college just because of something you are told by a man or a patriarchal society!

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