Delay In Ankiv Baisoya Matter As DU Didn’t Pay Rs 500 As Document Verification Fee To Thiruvalluvar University

Departmental Head Of Buddhist Studies Files Police Complaint Against Ankiv Baisoya

Thiruvalluvar University on Monday confirmed that they have finally received a letter on behalf of Delhi University in order to verify the documents of Ankiv Baisoya.Ankiv won the DUSU Presidential post last month but within a week NSUI alleged that the documents submitted by Baisoya are fake and they demand an investigation.

It has been a month since people are waiting for further notice about the investigation but now finally Thiruvalluvar¬†spoke up and said that they have received a letter on Monday but Delhi University hasn’t paid a small amount of Rs 500 which is the standard fees for Verification of Documents and until and unless the amount is paid the process will not move further.

Thiruvalluvar University’s Vice Chancellor has said that they have sent a letter to Delhi University asking them to pay the fees in order to proceed with the verification process.

Now this incident has raised many questions against the DU authorities, whether this was done deliberately by the DU in order to further delay the process? First they didn’t send the letter on time and now they haven’t paid the verification fees, even when the details of the process of verification along with the fees are clearly mentioned on the website of Thiruvalluvar University.


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