USA Elections 2016 : TRUMP Trumps HILLARY,Becomes 45th US President



9th November, 2016 is yet another day in the history of the United States of America that we shall never forget. Despite of the predictions, prayers and wishes by the pollsters, media and most of the world, Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of The United States of America, defying all expectations with his dark political tactics. Donald Trump got 276 votes while the former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, got only 218. After two terms of democratic presidency, the Republicans now hold the White House.

The 45th President of USA

Trump’s¬†victory¬†despite of his racist comments, illogical solutions, sexism, xenophobia,¬†and hatred is now threatening the former president, Barack Obama’s major achievements in the past 8 years that had actually placed¬†USA, and¬†humanity, at a better position.


God Bless the Immigrants!
  • Judging from Donald Trump’s comments in the past, there is no doubt that this triumph is going to be a¬†headache for the immigrants. The immigrants can now only wait for the dark cloud, that had been floating over their heads, to burst and wash away their dreams if Trump follows his plans for immigrants.
  • Worsened relations with Mexico because of Trump’s promises for the ‚ÄúEnd Illegal Immigration Act”, which involves Mexico reimbursing US for constructing a wall on the Southern border.
  • Further threat to World Peace if Donald Trump continues with¬†his proposal¬†to ‘ban Muslims’.


  • US Dollar¬†slided down drastically.
  • Financial Markets¬†CRASH with Hillary Clinton’s defeat.
  • Gold Prices rise with Donald Trump’s victory, as the behaviour of the investors changed with the shock of the election results.



  • Trump’s policy of putting America before everyone else will be a huge hindrance for India.
  • Renegotiation of trade treaties in India will impact the Indian Trade negatively.
  • His opinion of H1B Visa being ‘unfair’ will cause problems for Indian IT companies and other Indian immigrants.
  • Unemployment in India if Corporate tax is reduced as¬†the MNCs will be¬†dragged back to US, sniffing for profit. This will further affect the Make in India campaign, by Narendra Modi.


Hopes of better ties
  • Trump’s affection towards Indian students and entrepreneurs may prove advantageous for Indian immigrants, despite of his immigration policy.
  • Greater possibilities of better defence and strategic ties against Terrorism.
  • Donald Trump’s hatred and criticism towards China and Pakistan can be of advantage for India.
  • There are increased chances of better bilateral ties.

Hence, based on Donald Trump’s past profession (a real-estate businessman), past comments (in favour of India but against immigration), racist and sexist views, headless decisions and hatred for terror we can assume that the future of US, India and the world is as unpredictable as¬†were the US Elections of 2016.


  1. Dear Author
    Very well described the victory of Trump . Impact on Immigration and Impact on India have been explained thoroughly in few words. Keep it up.


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